Substance Addiction Help and Recovery

A person should seek help 800-303-4372 as soon as there are signs that recovery from addiction is needed. These signs normally issue a warning that something needs to be done because the addiction is taking too great a toll. If ignored, the signs could later lead to utter chaos in an addict’s life and in some instances; they may lead to the death of the substance abusing individual.

Some of the signs that recovery from addiction is needed include tolerance and dependence. In the case of tolerance, a person will need to keep taking more and more of the addictive substance to produce the desired effect. For example, people who are addicted to painkillers will need to increase their dosage regularly to even begin to feel the effects of the medication.

It is the same case with alcoholics; they will keep drinking and, with time, they will increase the amount of alcohol that they consume so as to get the feeling that they seek. Withdrawal is also another sign that a person has become an addict and needs to recover from substance addiction. The withdrawal symptoms normally occur when a person stops using the addictive substance even for a short period. They may be minor or quite severe depending on the level of addiction.

Signs That Recovery From Addiction is Needed

An addict will also start to exhibit extreme mood swings. This may happen before or after they indulge in the addictive substance or behavior. They may show extreme irritability, anxiety, sadness or happiness. It becomes hard to predict the mood that the person will be in. Apart from the mood swings, the sleep patterns of the individual also change. A person may have difficulty sleeping or may tend to sleep more than usual. These are all signs of substance addiction that show that a person needs to look into recovery.

Addiction often affects the weight of an individual. A person may gain a lot of weight in a short time or lose a lot of weight rapidly. This can put the health of the person at risk meaning that they have to recover from the addiction in order to become healthy again. Other physical signs may appear in the form of illnesses that come and go. However, apart from the physical, there are also social signs that recovery from addiction is needed.

These include a person frequently lying, financial difficulties, stealing, changes in behavior, sudden disinterest in relationships or any form of intimacy and a sudden change of lifestyle. A person may suddenly change personality completely. For instance, sociable people may become withdrawn and start secluding themselves. There are also people who even change the company they keep. They start keeping the company of other addicts who they believe understand them better. In addition, trying to confront people in this state about the addiction will make them become agitated and defensive.

These signs that recovery from addiction is needed should never be ignored. If you notice them in a loved one, please try to get them some help. Full recovery from addiction is possible, but action needs to be taken fast to ensure that this happens.

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