Facts About Addiction and Recovery

Facts about addiction and recovery are available to help people learn more about these two issues. There is too much information circulating about addiction and recovery that is not true. For instance, there are people who purport that all an addict needs to do to recover is have the will power to do so. This is not really true. In order to recover, a person needs to get help. Will power will only work if the person seeks help.

One of the controversial facts about addiction and recovery is that addiction is a disease and recovery is the treatment. However, this is not actually true. Addiction really is a disease that requires treatment. It is also not something that can simply be ignored in the hopes that it will quietly go away. As with any treatment, it is important to take the medication so that you can recover fully. It is the same thing with addiction and recovery. Recovery is a lifelong process that requires commitment.

Facts About Addiction and Recovery

There are many people who think that there are addictions that are more or less serious than others. For instance, some people assume that getting addicted to painkillers is not as serious as getting addicted to a drug like cocaine. However, the truth is that addictions are all equally bad. In addition to that, recovering from any type of addiction is going to be a daunting task.

There are many facts about detox and withdrawal symptoms that most people do not know about. For instance, although the symptoms may be severe, they do eventually go away once the body gets used to functioning without the addictive substance. It doesn’t mean that a person will have to endure the symptoms for the duration of their recovery. Another important fact is that people do not die from these symptoms. The rehabilitation centers anticipate them and know what to do to control them. There are addicts who are afraid that they will die during detox since they can’t do without their drug of choice. Luckily, this is not true.

Another fact that many people don’t want to accept is that recovery is not automatic. Once an individual decides to seek treatment, this doesn’t mean that they are now going to recover, in fact it is only the beginning of the battle. It is also not a guarantee of recovery. An addict can relapse at any time. One has to be willing to recover. In addition, a good support system is required for recovery to effectively take place. This is why there are support groups recovering addicts can turn to such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

One of the facts about addiction and recovery that a number of addicts do not want to hear is that once you are over an addiction, you can never use that substance again. For instance, a recovering alcoholic cannot claim to be able to enjoy just a glass or two of alcohol. This normally occurs when people assume that they have their addiction under control. However, the truth of the matter is that a lifetime of total abstinence will be necessary in order for a complete and successful recovery from addiction.

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