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Addiction comes about as a result of becoming over dependent on a substance. The type of dependence can be mental or physical. Once a person becomes an addict, the chemistry in the brain is altered and this prevents the body from functioning normally.

Some of the many substances that people can get addicted to include drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication. Addiction normally grows over a period of time with repeated use of the particular substance. The good news is that an addict can, however, manage to get over addiction and attain full recovery. However, addiction and recovery are not issues that can be taken lightly.

There are some people who are addicts without being aware of it yet. Some may simply not identify their dependence on a substance. This is what happens commonly with people who are addicted to medications such as pain killers. There are also people who are addicted to recreational drugs but they simply don’t consider it to be a problem.

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